Amazing Brands Insights
That We've Worked With
and Analyze Over Time

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Narendra Karya, Ltd

Full Stack Marketing and Redefining Contractor Brands into Customers

Strategy, Paid Social, Content Creation, Cold Call Marketing


Kediri Global Mediatama, Ltd

Remodelling B2B Marketing And B2G Marketing

Strategy, Full Stack Marketing, Cold Call Marketing

Brandon Design Client

Mulia Abadi Furniture, Ltd

Business Remodel from B2B to D2C and Full Stack Marketing

Strategy, Paid Marketing, Website, Cold Call Marketing


Kediri City Goverment

Redesign Content Marketing

Strategy, Content Marketing, Content Creation


Kediri District Goverment

Generate Better Game Changing Content Design

Strategy, Paid Marketing, Content Creation


Indonesian Journalists Association

Outstanding Event Marketing in
76th Birthday

Strategy, Content Marketing, Content Creation, Full Stack Marketing, Paid Social, PPC, CPC,CPA Marketing

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